Matt Strangio, a success story

By 26 March, 2010 Animation 3 Comments
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My first class in Animation Mentor is finished and well, now I need to do something with my free time so I decided looking for something interesting on Internet.

Matt Strangio

I was thinking about success stories about animators. And I founded Matt Strangio. He was enrolled with Animation Mentor until 2006 and his demo reel is awesome. Now he’s working in Pixar! I mean, he never finished his demoreel and left it in the blocking plus phase because Pixar watched his material and wanted him to work with them immediately! Completely amazing story. And now… I know why.

I was checking out his demo reel and it was completely awesome. He has lot of talent. The way he expresses the feelings using the eyes, hands, blinking, facial expressions and sensibility… I think one of the things that called Pixar the attention was, among many things, the lovely and delicious using of the eyes and eyebrows. They’re the reflection of the character soul.

I think we must pay attention to this success stories, analyzing this kind of material and perceiving which is the magic touch inside the best animations. This will give us a lot of knowledge for the future and facilities for the next job opportunities. Matt Strangio is one of our best references to realize that we can achieve our goals, always with hope and passion, doing what we love: Animating.

Enjoy his demo reel and success story video.

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  • slinky07 says:

    For sur, but it’s a lot of money:-( I’m economising some money and improve my english skill and here I go! 🙂

  • Albert Barba says:

    Hey slinky,

    Thanks for your comments! It’s worth living this experience in AM. I’m learning a lot. If you are considering work as an animator, this is the place man, no doubt!!


  • slinky07 says:

    It’s really helfull, your post. Very interesting! I’m not yet a student at Animation mentor, but a serious prospective student. 🙂 Thanks!

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