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This post is for all animators, not only for amateur animators but also for the experienced ones. I know many of you are expecting about which opportunities will you have in a near future in animation, specially those who you’ve finished animation studies in high school. The big concern is being able to find animation jobs in the same city where you’re living in, or otherwise finding other ones that are quite near from you.

Whether you are interested in Film Animation or Game Development, here I leave you a couple of great links. I highly recommend you to bookmark them just right now. Both sites are dedicated exclusively to show existing animation studios all over the world. It’s a very good source.



A site dedicated to videogame studios. The interesting thing about this site is that you can list all the studios according to the city that interests you most. Once you have selected the city, studios are shown to you categorized by:

  • Developer
  • Publisher
  • Developer & Publisher
  • Organization
  • Mobile / Handheld
  • Developer online

This helps you out to understand what type of studio is. This is really interesting because you can apply for a job in one or another according to your professional expectations.



Wayfaring is a remarkable social application that allows to anyone to make custom maps and stick pins in them for whatever purpose they want. Clay Kaytis Disney animator, creator of The Animation Podcast, has created a great new MAP that allows you to see exactly WHERE are Located Different animation studios around the world. The map can be edited by other users, who can contribute each address that they know.

It would be interesting to work together so we can introduce all known animation studios in your area. It would be helpful for all of us to further expand this information network.

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  • mireia blasi says:

    Grate tools!!!
    thanks mate 🙂

  • Albert Barba says:

    You’re welcome, Alfonso.

    Por cierto, me paseé un poco por tu web. Menudo trabajo en 3D, felicidades, espero que tengas suerte en este mundo. La animación del Troll la encuentro muy personal e original. Es fantástica. ¿Qué metodo utilizaste? Veo que algunos backgrounds son estáticos.

    Un saludo.

  • AlfonMc says:

    Gracias por esta herramienta, de verdad…
    Thank you for this awesome tool


    Alfonso Montón

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