Animation Mentor – Week 9

By 23 March, 2010 Class 1 2 Comments
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Here you have the last vanilla walk version. I have to make some corrections on the hips, timing and knees. I will adjust these corrections in my demo reel.

I think Stu is waiting for a call, but nothing happens. I’m sure he’s very concerned. 😉

Stu seems to be worried about something...

Concerned positions

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  • Albert Barba says:

    Sorry for the delay. Actually this rig is from Animation Mentor. This school provides all these rigs, but they are not for free, you must be registered to have access to them. Thanks for your interest Ignacio.

  • Ignacio says:

    Hi, im a 3d student, and im interested on your job. Would you mind to bring me this character for keep studying? it will be really cool. Thanks

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